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John Glenn High School

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SAT SCHOOL DAY-October 14th

We are pleased to announce that October 14 is our second annual SAT School Day! On this day, every 9th, 10th, and 11th grader will take the PSAT and every 12th grader will take the SAT for free during the school day. After testing, daily lunch schedule at 12:45 pm and then students will be released to go home at 1:20 pm. Buses will arrive for pick up at 1:20 pm.
On October 14, all students will take a college readiness assessment from the College Board for free during the school day!  The SAT is a key component of college admissions decisions at most colleges and universities.  All students are pre-registered for these exams, so there is nothing that anyone needs to do to sign up.
12th graders will take the SAT.  Please note that seniors will take the current version of the SAT, not the new version that will take its place in March. For information about the SAT, click here:
9th, 10th, and 11th graders will take the PSAT.  The PSAT is essentially a practice SAT exam, that provides students and educators valuable information about their college readiness.  The new PSAT is fully aligned with the new SAT which will be offered beginning in March, so it really is a good opportunity for students to practice.  For more information about the PSAT, click here:
Please note that 10th graders who take the PSAT and earn qualifying scores may benefit from the College Board's new partnerships with several prestigious organizations by winning scholarships.  For more information, click here:
Please note that 11th graders who take the PSAT will automatically be entered in the National Merit Scholarship competition.  National Merit Scholarships are prestigious awards that are determined on 11th grade PSAT scores alone.  Students who are recognized as National Merit Scholars receive monetary scholarships and tremendous recognition.  For more information about National Merit Scholarships, click here:
Finally, the College Board has partnered up with Kahn Academy to provide free opportunities for students to prepare for the PSAT or SAT.  At this point, students in grades 10-12 have worked with their teachers to create Kahn Academy accounts, and have accessed the system at least once at school.  For more information about Kahn Academy, click here: