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John Glenn High School

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I am interested in being part of the AVID program. How do I apply?
    • JGHS Students can complete the Common Pathway Application and turn it in to Ms. Lorenzana in Room 706 or email it to
I missed a tutorial because I was absent. What can I do to make-up the grade?
    • Must still complete the front of the TRF by Wednesday at 11:59 PM.
    • When absent for the actual Tutorial, you will need to attend one Tutoring Session with a Tutor. (See Tutor Office Hours on Schoology Updates)
    • Must still complete a Reflection on the Tutoring Session within one week, by the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM. 
    • Must still attach notes taken during the Tutoring Session. 
    • The highest score possible is 35/50 (10 points for Pre-Work and 25 points for Reflection), due to not being present to participate in the collaborative portion of the Tutorial.
    • A student may complete no more than 3 Make-up Tutorials per semester.
My teacher collected the notes I want to use for my Binder Check. What can I do to receive credit?
    • First, ask your teacher when they plan to return your notes. If they plan to return them after Binder Check day, then ask to take a picture of each note you want to use. Then, show the picture to an AVID tutor on Binder Check day to receive credit. Make sure your notes include 3 higher-level questions and a summary. Next time, if you know beforehand that your teacher will be collecting your notes, make sure to take a picture.