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John Glenn High School

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JGHS YEARBOOK ON SALE NOW!  Visit the Yearbook Page on this website for information on how to purchase!
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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Yearbook page!  Here we will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about this year's Patriot Yearbook!  
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  How do I purchase a yearbook and how much does it cost?? 
A:  The first thing you will need to do is visit and create an account!  ALL YEARBOOK SALES WILL BE ONLINE.  (In the event you are unable to do an online purchase, please contact Maria in the Student Store at JGHS)
You will need to enter this  SCHOOL CODE #1015610565861904.  You will be directed on how to purchase the book, customize your two free pages and purchase a Senior Ad if you would like!
The cost for this year's book, before tax, shipping and handling will be $45.18
Q:  Did you just say "Customize your 2 free pages"?  What does that mean?  
A:  Tree Ring gives you two free pages to customize with whatever you want.  Let's say you have a bunch of photo memories that you would like in the book!  You can add them here!  THESE TWO PAGES WILL BE PRINTED IN YOUR BOOK ONLY!  This will not be published in any other books!!  Just yours!
Q:  Could we create a Senior Tribute Ad on one of the free pages?
A:  ABSOLUTELY!  However, keep in mind that the ad will ONLY be printed in YOUR book!  If you want the Tribute Ad to appear in EVERY book this is published, you'll need to purchase one and the steps to do that are in the next question!
Q:  How can I purchase a Senior Ad for my Senior?
A:  Senior Ads can be purchased on the website.  We are holding a "Pandemic Special" and a full page Senior Ad is $50.00, a $150.00 savings from our regular price. This is going to be a year different than before, without end of year celebrations, dances and grad nite. The least we can do is bring down the price so a tribute page can be affordable to everyone!
Q:  How do I submit a Senior Quote for the yearbook?
A:  We will accept Senior quotes until April 23, 2021.  Email Senior Quotes to Miss Harrington at  The Yearbook staff has the right to omit any quote that is not appropriate for a high school publication.  Quotes which have drug, alcohol, hate or sexual references will be pulled and sent to administration for disciplinary action.  You also won't be given an option to re-submit.  Choose wisely.
Q:  How do I submit Senior Baby Photos?
A:  Baby pictures are currently being collected.  Please use this Google Form link to submit your image. If you have already submitted, please re-submit as we had some technical issues and were not able to collect those previously turned in!
Q:  Is it possible to still purchase last year's yearbook?
A:  Many people have asked how to purchase last year's yearbook! If you are interested in purchasing the 2019-2020 yearbook, you may do so online by visiting the following website
      You will need to create an account and you will use the school code #1015610565861904
      BE SURE TO ORDER THE 2019-2020 book and not the 2020-2021 book!
Feel free to contact Ms. Harrington at for more information!