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Welcome to Chemistry!

This one-year introductory course is designed for those students who exhibit interest in science and gives a general overview of the study of molecules and their interactions. Chemistry is an inquiry- based course that examines matter and the changes it undergoes. We will cover the essential topics to give you a firm foundation for classes you may take later and for the chemistry you experience in everyday life. The course will attempt to give you a deeper understanding of the scientific processes that go on around you and the interconnections among the sciences, technology, society, and the environment. This class will also aim to give you reading and studying strategies to help you become a more effective reader, learner and thinker.

Your success in this course will directly reflect on the amount of time and energy you put into it. Here are some hints to help you:

- Come to class daily and on time.
- Participate actively and ask questions as soon as you need help.
- Keep detailed notes about demonstrations and examples presented in class.
- Keep up with your work.
- Be open to a variety of learning styles and activities.
- Be willing to receive help from your peers, and help others.

Remember that I am always available to answer questions and help you! Please come see me about questions as soon as they come up – don’t put it off until you are more lost and behind.